Aug 2015 – Carlsbad CA

The Monroes sent out a plea recently for some vintage sounds. Time and years of rock’n take its toll on keyboards, and the Monroes needed to recreate that Monroe sound. Not so many years before the Monroes, there existed another San Diego band: Iron Butterfly. Born into that legend was Doug Ingle.

Doug Ingle has been an advocate of the Monroes for quite some time. He also happens to be a memorabilia collector. Even better, Doug is a great keyboard player with another collection… synthesizers.

So it’s Doug Ingle to the rescue.

If the name has a familiar ring to it, then you are right. It’s the same name as the keyboard player who had a number one song for over 1 year. Can you guess who that might be? …. Doug Ingle is the son of Doug Ingle… the keyboard player for Iron Butterfly, with the most famous song ‘In A Gadda Da Vida’.


      IMG_27031   IMG_43871


One San Diego band helping another.

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