Finally! The Monroes are available on iTunes, and on Amazon as a CD with ‘What Do All The People Know?’

Digitally remastered.
Extra Lyrics never before heard.

The Monroes Digital Remastered 2013 "What Do All The People Know?"

A true treasure trove of timeless rock.

“What Do All the People Know?” on iTunes has a few lines of lyrics never heard before. Digitally re-mixed and re-mastered.

The Monroes have a distinct style. Every song is a hit song, perhaps still today.

So take a time machine ride back into the 80’s, and feel the energy this band had in their all their songs, as their dreams were just coming to life.

Watch The Monroes Perform: "What Do All The People Know?"

For many of you, “What Do All The People Know?” instantly brings back memories of summers in the 80’s. For others, its a fresh and a brand new discovery of timeless rock.

Where did the Monroes disappear to?
What happened to the Monroes?

The Monroes disappeared “somewhere in the night”, as quickly as they arrived. The rug was pulled out from underneath them, just when it seemed there was no end to their rise to glory.

The true and tragic story unfolds within this website. Fortunately, renewed interest and love for the band is rekindling the flames.

80’s Radio Stations:

Steve Smith – Album Networks: ‘I’m completely knocked out by the album’ …’ is simply wonderful. I spend most of a day playing the record for everybody here at the station. Jocks, sales people, secretaries… and everyone, down to the last person, loved it.’

Roberta Haber – WMJQ: “The Monroes is hot stuff. The first time you hear the song you’ll like it a lot. The second time, it will knock you flat.