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Bob Monroe 2020 Podcast with Kari Young

Bob Monroe reflects on the years with the Monroes. An interesting approach as Bob meets with Psychic Medium Kari Young that envokes an interesting twist. Radio Stations, Billboard, Album Network and the Media Were Saying: Testimonials: Steve Smith Company: Album Networks 'I'm completely knocked out by the album' ...' [...]

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Iron Butterfly and Monroes Connection: Doug Ingle Brings Vintage Synths to the Monroes

Aug 2015 - Carlsbad CA The Monroes sent out a plea recently for some vintage sounds. Time and years of rock'n take its toll on keyboards, and the Monroes needed to recreate that Monroe sound. Not so many years before the Monroes, there existed another San Diego band: Iron Butterfly. Born into that legend was Doug Ingle. Doug [...]

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